APIP Founder/Chairman, Jason Sullivan

Our Chairman, Jason Sullivan is an American political strategist who worked behind the scenes in support of the Donald J. Trump for President 2016 campaign. Sullivan is also a technologist who has developed several apps and holds several U.S. patents. 

During the 2016 Presidential election, Sullivan developed and deployed proprietary social 

media technology that allowed his team to effectively exploit MILLIONS of LIVE conversations and actionable insights taking place online that were influencing the Trump campaign's world. His proven systems and designs and extensive network of online conservative supporters enabled and empowered his team to help the candidate dominate the buzz... by design. 

Following President Trump's historic win in what was arguably the biggest political upset in modern day history, Sullivan’s involvement and support of the Trump 2016 campaign caught the attention of the Robert Mueller investigation. Sullivan willingly testified in front of a Federal Grand Jury, regarding his technology (which was of  interest) and declared there was NO Russian collusion involved in any way, to his knowledge. Sullivan was ultimately cleared as the Mueller investigation wrapped up and no further indictments were issued. 


Reuters l: Mueller issues grand jury subpoenas to Trump adviser's social media consultant

Reuters ll: U.S. grand jury questions social media advisor to key Trump supporter

On May 30th of 2018, Sullivan was invited to the 70th year anniversary celebration of Israel which was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The event was life-changing for Mr. Sullivan and shortly after he was invited on October 17th 2018 to the annual Gala of Friends of The Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) also held in New York where he was seated at the honorary table with Generals, Ambassadors and top leadership within Israel. 

Following these two events and the President's bold decision to relocate the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, Sullivan became inspired to form the American Pro-Israel PAC (APIP) in order to be able to pick and choose viable, qualified Federal candidates who embrace the Judeo-Christian worldview and who support the nation of Israel as America’s closest ally. 

Sullivan's extensive experience in Federal level campaigns combined with an outcomes-driven strategic mindset and background in social media software development makes him uniquely qualified to direct APIP’s campaign strategies and execution. 

Prior to his political career, Sullivan was a  partner in one of the nation's most sought after management consulting firms, Corporate Resource Development Inc. (CRD) which was named one of INC. 500's fastest growing companies in America known for helping some of the nation's largest and most prestigious businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms in effectively dealing with pressures caused by increased competition and less product and service differentiation.

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