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On May 14, 2018 President Donald J. Trump made a BOLD move by relocating the Embassy of the United States of America to Jerusalem, declaring to the world that Israel truly deserves the right to exist and to choose its own destiny.

The inception of American Pro-Israel PAC was inspired by that move and was created to support America and its closest ally. 

The American Pro-Israel PAC works to elect candidates who embrace the Judeo-Christian worldview and who support the nation of Israel as America’s closest ally.

APIP will always combat anti-Semitism on the front lines of American Government and Politics.


Celebrate the historic 1-year anniversary of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem!


Join us at the first Synagogue of West Palm Beach Florida (Temple Beth El) from 8 AM - 3 PM to celebrate the Love and Unity between America and Israel as we embark upon our new journey together and as we claim and radiate that we are indeed the two shinning cities on the hill!

Later the evening of May 14, 2019 a very special evening celebration will take place at The President's home (Mar-a-Lago) in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Keynote Speaker : Dennis Prager

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American Pro-Israel PAC